Paediatrics services

Our Clinic Atmosphere

Our clinic atmosphere is friendly for children with a play area wherein the child can be occupied till he comes in for a consultation and does not feel he is in a clinic.

Normal Newborn Care and well-baby clinic

Routine evaluation of newborns. Care and guidance for the newborn with advice regarding maternal care, feeding, care of the newborn. The personalized attention given to every patient and concerns of the anxious parents are addressed by the doctor herself.


We have facilities for all types of vaccinations. We use the most standard and recommended vaccines and ensure the proper maintenance of the cold chain. Proper and diligent pre-vaccination counselling is a must for all our patients.

Diagnosis and management of various ailments in children

Paediatric care is an art. We have to be extremely sensitive and alert in the management of children. We try to have a patient hearing to all the symptoms from the parents and the children and try to optimize the care, with the need for investigations when warranted.